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Hoshi (2007)

autor (rok) Hoshi, Iraj, Welfens, Paul J. J. & Wziątek-Kubiak, Anna (eds.) (2007)
název Industrial Competitiveness and Restructuring in Enlarged Europe : How Accession Countries Catch Up and Integrate in the European Union
vydavatel Palgrave Macmillan
rozsah x0 stran
ISBN 978-0-230-52156-8
jazyk anglicky
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Introduction and Overview (A. Wziątek-Kubiak & I. Hoshi)
2  How Do New Member States Cope with Competititon in the EU Market? (A. Wziątek-Kubiak & I. Magda)
3  Can Government Policy Influence Industrial Competitiveness? Evidence from Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic (I. Hoshi, D. Hajdukovic & E. Luci)
4  Interdependency of Real Exchange Rate, Trade, Innovation, Structural Change and Growth (P. J. J. Welfens)
5  Divergent Growth Rates in Central and Eastern European Countries: An Alternative View (M. Brandmeier)
6  Networking and Competitiveness (R. Woodward & P. Wójcik)
7  The Process of Structural Change in Polish Manufacturing in 1995–2003 and its Determinants (K. Marczewski & K. Szczygielski)
8  Sturctural Change, Productivity and Performance: Evidence from Irish Manufacturing (M. O'Donnell)
9  What Drives Trade Specialization in the New EU Member States? (D. Borbély)
10 Specialization and Integration of Accession Countries into the EU Market: An Alternative View (M. Brandmeier)
11  Policy Implications for New and Old Member States of the EU (J. N. Ferrer & D. Kernohan)

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