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Kaplan (2002)

autor (rok) Kaplan, David H. & Häkli, Jouni (eds.) (2002)
název Boundaries and place : European borderlands in geographical context
vydavatel Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
rozsah x0 stran
jazyk anglicky
dostupnost knihovna katedry geografie PřF UP

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Learning from Europe? Borderlands in Social and Geographical Context (J. Häkli & D. H. Kaplan)
  Part I. Boundaries in the New Europe
2  The 'Civilisational' Roots of European National Boundaries (J. Agnew)
3  Changing Geographies of Scale and Hierarchy in European Borderlands (J. Minghi)
4  Euroregions in Comparative Perspective (J. M. M. Kepka & A. B. Murphy)
  Part II. Boundaries in the New Europe
5  Transboundary Networking in Catalonia (J. Häkli)
6  Integration and Division in the Basque Borderland (P. Raento)
7  Asymmetrical and Hybrid Identities in the Northern Italian Borderlands (D. H. Kaplin)
8  Common Spirit in the Upper Rhine Valley? (S. Eder & M. Sandtner)
9  Urban Borderlands and the Politics of Place in Northern Ireland (A.-K. Kuusisto-Arponen)
  Part III. Boundaries in the New Europe
10 Place, Boundaries, and the Construction of Finnish Territory (A. Paasi)
11  An Emerging Borderland in Eastern Slavonia? (M. Klemencic & C. Schofield)
12 Galician Identities and Political Cartographies on the Polish-Ukrainian Border (L. Bialasiewicz & John O'Loughlin)
13 Place and Discourse in the Formation of the Northeast Estonian Borderland (J. Virkkunen)
14 Symbolic and Functional Balance on Europe's Northern Borders (K. Karppi)

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