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autor (rok) King, Russell (ed.) et al. (2001)
název Geography, Environment and Development in the Mediterranean
vydavatel Sussex Academic Press
rozsah x0 stran
jazyk anglicky
dostupnost knihovna katedry geografie PřF UP

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Unity, Diversity and the Challenge of Sustainable Development: an Introduction to the Mediterranean (R. King, B. Cori & A. Vallega)
2  The Mediterranean basin: a Geopolitical Fracture Zone (E. Anderson)
3  Mediterranean Economic Geography (M. Dunford & R. King)
4  Spatial Patterns of trade as Indicators of Regional Unity in the Mediterranean Basin (W. J. van den Bremen)
5  Cultural Representations of Urbanism and Experiences of Urbanisation in Mediterranean Europe (L. Leontidou)
6  Demography, International Migration and Sustainable Development in the Euro-Mediterranean Region (A. Montanari)
7  The Strait of Gibraltar: Europe's Rio Grande (J. M. Beck & P. De Mas)
8  The Geography of recent Immigration to Portugal (M. Lucinda Fonseca)
9  Tourism and Development in the Mediterranean Basin: Evolution and Differentiation on the 'Fabled Shore' (A. M. Williams)
10 Northern Europeans and the Mediterranean: a New California or a New Florida? (V. Rodríguez Rodríguez, P. Salvà Tomàs & A. M. Williams)
11  Mediterranean Concentration and landscape: Six Cases (E. Manzi)
12 Mountain Communities and Environments of the Mediterranean Basin (D. Funnell & R. Parish)
13 Marginal or Nodal? Towards a Geography of Mediterranean Islands (R. King & E. Kolodny)
14 Environmental Crises in the Mediterranean (J. Thornes)

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