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Knight (2006)

autor (rok) Knight, Peter G. (ed.) (2005)
název Glacier science and environmental change
vydavatel Blackwell Publishing
rozsah 527 stran
ISBN 978-1-4051-0018-2
jazyk anglicky
dostupnost knihovna katedry geografie PřF UP

Kniha podává atd.

Obsah – výběr

Úplný obsah knihy zahrnuje dílčích 92 kapitol. Níže jsou pro přehlednost uvedeny pouze kapitoly, které se územně vážou k Evropě.

Part 1  Glaciers and their coupling with hydraulic and sedimentary processes
  Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland: hydrological controls on basal sediment evacuation and glacial erosion
  Glacial bedforms and the role of subglacial meltwater: Annandale, southern Scotland
  Subglacial megaflows: outrageous hypothesis or just outrageous?
  Groundwater under ice sheets and glaciers
  10  Groundwater flow under the margin of the last Scandinavian ice sheet around the Eckernförde Bay, northwest Germany
  15  Solute enhancement in the proglacial zone
  20  Plateau icefield landsystem
Part 2  Glaciers, oceans, atmosphere and clinate
  22  A multidisciplined approach to the reconstruction of the Late Weichselian deglaciation of Iceland
  23  The cryosphere and climate change: perspectives on the Arctic shrinking sea-ice cover
  31  Seismic geomorphology and Pleistocene ice limits off northwest Britain
  34  Energy fluxes over Morteratschgletscher
Part 3  Changing glaciers and their role in earth surface evolution
  38  Reconstruction of paleo-ice sheets—inversion of their glacial geomorphological record
  39  Reconstructing the pattern and style of deglaciation of Kola Peninsula, northeastern Fennoscandian Ice Sheet
  44  Current status and recent changes of the Greenland Ice Sheet
  45  The impact of ice-sheet fluctuations and isostasy on sea-level change around Greenland
  50  Palaeoglaciology of the last British–Irish ice sheet: challenges and some recent developments
  51  A regional glacial readvance in Ireland: self-promulgating theory, or science-based reality?
  52  Average glacial conditions and the landscape of Snowdonia
  53  Mountain glaciers
Part 4  Glacier composition, mechanics and dynamics
  68  Meaurements and modelling of diurnal flow variations in a temperate valley glacier
  69  Using field data to constrain ice-flow models: a study of a small alpine glacier
Part 5  The practice of glaciology
  75  An overview of subglacial bedforms in Ireland, mapped from digital elevation data
  78  Ice-core chronology
  83  Measuring and modelling the mass balance of glaciers for global change
  86  Historical glacier fluctuations

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