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Seppälä (2005)

autor (rok) Seppäla, Matti (ed.) (2005)
název The Physical Geography of Fennoscandia
vydavatel Oxford University Press
rozsah 432 stran
ISBN 0-19-924590-8
jazyk anglicky
dostupnost knihovna katedry geografie PřF UP

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Part I  Physical Environment
  1.  Major Landforms and Bedrock
  2.  Land Uplift: Virgin Land from the Sea
  3.  Glacially Sculptured Landforms
  4.  Present-Day Geomorphic Processes
  5.  Mires
  6.  Climate
  7.  Recent Climatic Trends
  8.  Rivers and Lakes of Fennoscandia
  9.  Snow as a Geographic Element
  10.  Glaciers
  11.  Boreal Forests and Northern and Upper Timberlines
Part II  Physiographic Regions
  12.  Atlantic Coast and Fjords
  13.  Scandes Mountains
  14.  Uplands and Lowlands in Southern Sweden
  15.  Archipelagos in the Baltic Sea
  16.  Lake District of Finland
  17.  Mountain Taiga of Sweden
  18.  Rivers Draining into the Gulf of Bothnia
  19.  Periglacial Environment
Part III  Humans in the Environment
  20.  Major Human Impact
  21.  Acid Rain and Acidification of Lakes
  22.  Lake-Water Pollution
  23.  Biodiversity Conservation

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